Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Interactive Online Maps - Frappr! Maps

Frappr! Maps allow you and your students a unique (and simple) method to visualize one another. Anyone can add their name, photo and message directly on a Web page, blog, or course site embedded with Frappr!--no account creation is required. As the owner, you can find information on where and how frequently your students visit the map.

In online learning, Frappr! Maps could be used for:
  • Icebreaker - have your students enter their locations, pictures, and short introduction to help them get to know one another.
  • Use the map to create a visualization of your course material. Even better, have your students work collaboratively to create this learning resource for the class!
    --> Have your students build a map of the works or theories they are studying. Load book covers, works of art, pictures, event names, significant dates.
    --> Use the map to mark the locations of specific battles, peace treaties, etc. You could load photos of the individuals involved and enter specific dates or names.
According to, they are "the fourth largest map service behind Mapquest, Yahoo! Maps and Google Maps".

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