Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wiki - PBwiki

One of the most versatile Web 2.0 applications is the Wiki.
  • Type of web site
  • Multiple people can easily add, remove, or edit the content
  • Uses versioning to track changes
  • Some require registration or a password for editing
  • Editing can be done through simplified HTML markup language or a WYSIWYG editor
  • Nice list of educational uses of wikis is hosted by Wikispaces
  • Largest and best-known wiki is Wikipedia
  • An edited and reviewed version of Wikipedia is emerging at Citizendium
Wiki uses:
  • Collaborate with colleagues on professional projects
  • Group projects, essays and reports
  • Space for free writing or journaling
  • Share resources – web sites, annotated bibliographies, models for assignments
  • Create a compendium of terms and concepts for the course to use as a study guide

PBwiki is representative of many wiki sites - offering free hosting for educational uses. It includes several templates: classroom, syllabus, and group project. PBwiki also offers ideas for instructional uses of wikis, as well as "how-to" videos for your students. In addition to basic wiki features, you can add widgets for spreadsheets and calendars, videos, and voice chat.

Try it out at our Web 2.0 Sampler Blog:

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